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Compressed air support

About our compressed air support

At Chiltern Compressors we aim to build a long term lasting relationship with our customers. To achieve this we aim to support our customers right through the whole lifecycle of their business and compressed air system, working with them to help develop their system as their business grows and develops. The support we offer through the lifecycle of their business changes considerably. Our aim is to to be there offering the right support when they need it. Click on the links below to find out more about the different support services we offer.

Air Compressor sales

Our friendly, experienced sales engineers are always ready to come and talk about the issues you have with your compressed air system and to help you find a solution to your problems

Air Compressor servicing and repairs

The key to a reliable, efficient compressed air system is to have the system checked over and serviced by trained, knowledgeable service engineers using genuine parts and lubricants. Required changes and modifications to the system can then be discussed and the most appropriate solutions found

Compressed air energy efficiency

With the high level of energy consumption that all compressed air systems have, having a well designed, highly efficient system will save you a fortune in energy costs alone. There are numerous ways to design energy efficiency into a new system and reduce the energy costs of your existing system. Talk to us about your requirements, we are sure we can find you a better, more efficient way to do things.

Compressed air system design

Getting the best, most appropriate design for your compressed air system will save you time, money and stress in the short and long term! The more effort and knowledge that is put in upfront will save many times over in the future. Talk to our experienced, friendly sales team about what is the most appropriate system for you. They will probably want to attend site, have a chat through the options and then make suggestions as to what is the most appropriate design to meet your requirements.

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