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ABAC screw air compressors

We are authorised distributors of ABAC screw air compressors; our range of market-leading screw air compressors are available with 2-30KW motors.  Each model offers different benefits but the whole range reflects the quality and reliability that ABAC compressors have become so well-known for. If you need any help finding a screw compressor to suit your application we are happy to offer impartial advice.

ABAC SPINN range of screw air compressors

ABAC SPINN air compressor | air compressors | chiltern compressors A low-cost, simple, quiet and reliable workmate from ABAC. The ABAC Spinn screw compressor will suit the needs of many applications and offers a small footprint. This range is also available as a "complete" version with receiver and integrated dryer.  
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ABAC Genesis screw air compressors | Air Compressors | Chiltern Compressors The ABAC Genesis screw compressor offers an all-in-one compressed air solution with integrated refrigerant dryer, filtration, auto-drain and receiver. The Genesis range is available with 5.5- 22KW motors and there is a model for almost every medium size industrial and assembly application.  
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ABAC formula air compressor | air compressors | chiltern compressors             The ABAC Formula screw compressor is a premium medium to large scale screw compressor. This range covers most industrial applications up to 30KW, offering a modular system to meet your specific needs. Each ABAC Formula model can be customised in terms of voltage, pressure variants and efficiencies.
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There is an additional range of 30-75KW standalone compressors for large-scale industrial applications.
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Key product features

  • Screw compressors offer high reliability and low maintenance costs
  • Ideal for continuous running in a factory or workshop environment
  • Screw compressors are highly efficient, especially in variable speed configuration
  • Screw compressors are low noise with noise levels as low as 65 dB(A)
  • Available as an 'all in one' package complete with receiver and dryer in a single unit