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The new generation of ALUP air compressors offer you one of the most efficient ways of generating compressed air in the industry today. ALUP air compressors offer a comprehensive range of industrial screw air compressors all designed and built using the latest technology to give long term reliable and efficient air generation. Using the latest technology brings you the benefits of our years of experience in core elements such as air ends, inlet valves, coolers, drains, receivers and other equipment. With a range of sizes from 2.2-400kW we are able to provide you even better reliability, performance and availability. All ALUP compressors come with  2 year warranty as standards and this can be increased to 5 years with a small additional payment at time of purchase.

ALUP SCK range

The ALUP SCK Series of compressors offers optimal system efficiency with super sound insulation as standard feature. The SCK range of air compressors are belt driven and are available in sizes between 2.2KW and 75KW. They are maintenance-friendly design coupled with a great diversity of variants, so offer a range of compressors that are small, compact yet powerful enough to suit your every need.

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ALUP Largo range

The ALUP LARGO range, from ALUP compressors, utilizes direct drive technology on a fixed speed operating system allowing constant efficiency. A unique package designed for large demands of compressed air that is powerful, robust and suitable for use in the harshest operating conditions. The Largo range also ensures low noise levels due to the extensive research and development. The range is available in sizes between 11KW and 250KW and pressures between 7.5 bar and 13 bar.

ALUP Allegro range

The ALUP ALLEGRO range, from ALUP compressors, are variable speed rotary screw air compressors offer energy savings up to 35% through state of the art technology. The variable speed control allows us to match your compressed air demands to the compressors output, ensuring only the compressed air you require is produced. Together with a constant network pressure (from 5-13 bar) and the elimination of high starting current this ensures the ALLEGRO will help reduce your compressed air running costs. The Allegro range is available in sizes between 7.5KW and 250KW.