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ABAC Aria Compressa (ABAC air compressors) was founded in 1980, but its compressed air heritage dates back over 60 years. Customers expectations have always driven product development, resulting in a portfolio which fulfils your compressed air needs and offers you the value you are looking for. We have one of the largest, most comprehensive product ranges of any manufacturer in the UK, including piston and screw compressors and a wide range of ancillary equipment. So whatever you need your compressed air system to provide, the ABAC range can meet your requirements.  

Benefit from these 5 key values when you team up with ABAC

Technology leader

With years of experience, ABAC can rely on an extensive technical know-how to provide you with compressed air solutions that get the job done. Understanding the needs of our customers, we lead the compressed air field by example.

Recognised quality

You expect quality and reliability from your ABAC air compressor. Our production facilities combine history and experience with the latest production methods. We certify and guarantee every product we manufacture to make sure that ABAC is a partner you can rely on.

Value for money

As a customer, you want a product that offers you value for money. ABAC does just that, offering a full portfolio of products at a competitive price. With the right mix of flexibility and experience we deliver value at the right price to the industrial, professional and DIY compressed air markets.

User friendly design

Delivering products with the customer in mind has always been a mainstay of ABAC’s philosophy. As a result, ABAC air compressors are designed to be easy to use, providing compressed air that is available when and where you need it

Extensive network

A vast network of distributors and resellers (over 1000 in more than 100 countries) means there is always an ABAC representative nearby to provide you with service and support for our products. As such, all you need to do is focus on your business, ABAC takes care of the rest.

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ABAC Air Compressors | Chiltern CompressorsABAC piston air compressors

ABAC have one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial piston air compressors available from any manufacturer. Ranging in size from 1KW to 7KW ABAC piston air compressors are available in a wide range of configurations and designs. For any power rating the basic ‘pump’ is common across all the configurations.

Available piston air compressor configurations

  • Lubricated or oil free
  • Wheel or foot mounted
  • Silenced (where the compressor is mounted within a noise deadening canopy)
  • Direct drive or belt drive
  • Single or tandem configuration (tandem has two pumps mounted on the same receiver)
  • Receiver mounted or baseplate
  • 240v single phase or 400v 3 phase or 120v
  • Oil free ‘clean air’ units for medical use
  • Vertical or horizontal receiver units
  • Diesel or petrol internal combustion engine powered units


ABAC Genesis screw air compressors | Air Compressors | Chiltern CompressorsABAC screw air compressors

ABAC offer 3 series of screw compressors ranging in size from 2.2KW upto 30KW. The compressors are available in a range of configurations including:

  • Floor mounted
  • Receiver mounted
  • With or without integral dryer
  • Fixed or variable speed

All ABAC screw air compressors are belt driven. They are available in pressures ranging from 8 bar through to 13 bar. All come with two year warranty, extendable to 5 years for a small additional payment.

ABAC SPINN range of air compressors

The ABAC SPINN range of screw air compressors are available in sizes ranging from 2.2KW to 15KW. They are available either floor mounted or receiver mounted and are also available with integral refrigeration dryers.

ABAC Genesis range of air compressors

The ABAC Genesis range of screw air compressors is the most popular ranges of ABAC screw compressors. The Genesis is a high quality ‘all in one’ packaged air compressor. Complete with the latest design of electronic controller the Genesis is a great product for small and medium sized businesses looking for good value, high quality, clean and dry compressed air.

The Genesis is available in sizes ranging from 5.5KW up to 22KW with pressure ratings of 8, 10 and 13 bar. All Genesis compressors are supplied complete with air receiver, filter and integral refrigeration dryer in a single neat package.

Genesis I variable speed compressors are available in 11KW and 22KW variants

ABAC Formula range of air compressors

The ABAC Formula range of screw air compressors are available in sizes ranging from 5.5KW up to 30KW. They are only available in floor mounted configurations but can be fitted with integral dryers in the Formula E range. They are available as variable speed units in the Formula E range. They are available as 8, 10 and 13 bar versions.