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Air compressor installations

Air Compressor installations

Installing a new compressor is seldom as simple as getting it to site, positioning it, connecting it to a power supply and connecting it to an existing pipework system. Normally it is  much more involved process. The issues can be around physically getting the air compressor into an existing plant room, they can be related modifications to pipework systems or can be related to a million other things.

Installing and air compressor is seldom a simple job

Chiltern Compressor Services offer the complete compressed air service, from initial evaluation through to the installation and ongoing servicing. We are happy to assist with and discuss any compressed air requirements you may have. As a leading distributor for ABAC we are able to offer one of the widest compressed air product portfolios in the industry. With many years experience in the Compressed Air Industry Chiltern Compressors is a very experienced compressor installations and pipework operation. We have installed countless compressors over the years in a multitude of industries and applications.

Fully equipped to scope out your requirements

We will deliver the compressor to site, install and commission it, including all electrical and pipework requirements. We have a specialist team specifically for pipework and compressor installations, who are skilled at all types of pipework including aluminium, steel and copper depending on customer requirements.
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Key product features

  • Complete air compressor installations including electrical and pipework connections
  • Installations of screw or piston air compressors and dryers and filters
  • Over 30 years of experience in compressed air installations
  • Support and backup from one of the biggest air compressor manufacturers in the World