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Compressed air system design

Compressed air system design

Getting the best, most appropriate compressed air system design for your requirements will save you time, money and stress in the short and long term! A well designed compressed air system will save you money through much lower energy usage, lower service and maintenance costs, fewer leaks (saving more money!) and improved efficiency by getting the air you need to the place you need it consistently and reliably. The more effort and knowledge that is put in upfront will save many times over in the future. Talk to our experienced, friendly sales team about what is the most appropriate system for you. They will probably want to attend site, have a chat through the options and then make suggestions as to what is the most appropriate design to meet your requirements.

Energy Efficiency is not just down to selecting the right air compressor

Using the right pipework is a big part of any compressed air system design. It can have huge effects in overall system efficiency. Using the wrong size of pipework can result in pressure drops, shortage of compressed air where its needed, in-efficient running and usage of the air compressor, water contamination of downstream tools or product and a multitude of other issues. In addition, part of the correct design of the system, is to ensure you are producing the required quality of air (not too clean or too contaminated) for your specific application.

Your compressed air supply is vital to the smooth running of your business

Your compressed air is frequently as vital to the running of your business as your electrical supply or water supply. What happens if it fails? Frequently, a significant part of getting your compressed air design right is to build in the right backup to the various critical parts of the supply. This could be backup or standby compressors or dryers, or could be having the right by-passes in the pipework system to enable the system to continue to operate during servicing and maintenance.
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Key product features

  • Approximately 10% of all energy used in industry is used to make compressed air
  • Efficient compressed air systems can save huge amounts of money over a year
  • Compressed air systems tend to 'evolve' over time making them in efficient and expensive to run
  • A regular leak detection programme will pay for itself many times over in energy savings
  • Datalogging is the best way to get hard data to work from when designing and modifying compressed air systems