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Air compressor repairs

Air Compressor repairs

Occasionally, as with most hard worked machinery, air compressors will breakdown and will need to be repaired. Air compressor repairs are not necessarily very expensive, even quite simple things can cause air compressors to 'trip out'. Modern air compressors have sophisticated electronic control systems connected to numerous sensors around the machine that protect the machine in the event of a failure. It is much better to stop the compressor when a fault is detected rather than let the compressor run itself into a catastrophic failure.

Most air compressor breakdowns are reasonably simple and cheap to fix

The most common reasons for air compressors to stop running are due to temperature (high or low) or oil level issues. Typically these are quite easy to fix once the route cause for the fault has been traced. Low oil level can be a result of poor maintenance, leaking hoses or seals or a number of other faults. Most of these are not terminal and can be fixed reasonably easily.

Regular servicing is still the best way to prevent breakdowns and repair bills

The best way to fix a breakdown is to not let it happen in the first place and the best way to prevent breakdowns is to follow a few simple rules:
  • Always carry out the daily checks on your compressor
  • Get the compressor serviced regularly by trained technicians using genuine parts and lubricants
  • If you notice something odd or strange or unusual with your compressor, contact you service agent immediately, dont leave it.

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  • To prevent breakdowns and potentially costly repairs always do the following:
  • Always carry out your daily compressor checks
  • Get your compressor serviced regularly by trained technicians using genuine parts and lubricants
  • If you notice anything unusual with your compressor contact your service agent immediately. DONT WAIT