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Air compressor hire

Air compressor hire

At Chiltern Compressors we have a large fleet of portable diesel and fixed electrical compressors available for hire on a long or short term basis. We also have the necessary auxiliary items available for hire, be these receivers, dryers, flexible hoses or electrical cable. Air compressor hire is an ideal solution for companies that are looking to keep up with the challenges of business today. Compressor hire is ideal for:

  • Short term peaks in demand when your current compressor is too small for the demand
  • New start-ups where cash flow is critical and future demand is uncertain
  • Companies that want worry free air, without worrying about service / breakdown costs
  • As back up for critical periods when having a constant supply of air is critical
  • As a back up during compressor maintenance
  • Low rates for Diesel portable and Electrical fixed compressors
  • Rates from less than £10 per day for 5.5KW compressors.
  • Additional discounts for extended hire periods

How does air compressor hire work?

Compressor hire works in a similar way to most plant hire situations. Once the size and spec of your hire compressor has been established we will deliver and install your equipment. This will normally be done within a few days of the original enquiry. All we ask is that there is easy access to where the compressor is to be located, have a suitable power supply nearby (for electrical compressors) and have the compressed air pipework local to the compressor. Before delivery of the compressor will need a hire contract to be signed and a deposit to be paid.

Key product features

  • Air compressor hire is ideal for short term increased air demand
  • Great value, a 22KW compressor from as little as £200 per week
  • We also have dryers, receivers and filters available for hire
  • We install and set up your compressors, all you need to provide is a suitable power supply