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Air Compressors in Cambridgeshire

Chiltern Compressor Services offers the complete compressed air service, from initial evaluation through specification, supply, installation and commissioning and eventually through live servicing and maintenance. If you are looking for anything to do with air compressors in Cambridgeshire we are the people to talk to. We are happy to assist with any compressed air requirements you may have.

Official distributors for ABAC and ALUP compressors in Cambridgeshire

As a leading distributor for ABAC and ALUP air compressors we are able to offer one of the widest compressed air product portfolios in the industry. Our product range includes
  • Screw and piston air compressors,
  • Fridge and desiccant dryers,
  • Compressed air filters,
  • Condensate systems and cleaners
  • Pipework and installations

Over 30 years experience in the compressed air industry

With over 30 years of experience in the industry Chiltern Compressors has the factory trained technicians, skills and experience to service your compressors, regardless of make or model. We have a fully equipped parts warehouse that carries large stocks of parts for all makes of compressor. Compressor servicing is a skilled job that requires technical support from manufacturers as well as the correct parts and experience. Our commitment to quality service has given us exceptional growth. We have become a major supplier of air compressors and ancillary equipment to a wide variety of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, food processing, power generation, laboratories and research facilities


ABAC offer 3 series of screw compressors ranging in size from 2.2KW up to 30KW. The three series are called Genesis, Spinn or Formula. ABAC screw compressors are available in a range of configurations including:

  • Floor mounted
  • Receiver mounted
  • With or without integral dryer
  • Fixed or variable speed

All ABAC screw air compressors are belt driven and can be specified as 8, 10 or 13 bar. All ABAC screw compressors are fitted with the latest high efficiency electronic controllers to minimise running costs. All ABAC screw compressors come with two year warranty as standard, this is  extendable to 5 years for a small additional payment at time of purchase.

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ABAC Piston Air Compressors

The ABAC piston range is the most popular range of industrial piston air compressors in the UK, selling more units than any other manufacturer. ABAC piston air compressors are truly industrial units, robust enough for daily usage in an industrial environment. Most other cheaper makes are really only suited for DIY or occasional use. The ABAC range is also one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial piston air compressors available from any manufacturer. Ranging in size from 1KW to 7KW ABAC piston air compressors are available in a wide range of configurations and designs.

ABAC industrial piston compressors are ideal for:

  • Automotive applications – including spraying and air tools
  • Industrial applications – including control air, clamping and general air usage,
  • General compressed air requirements – including air tools, machine tools, spraying etc
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