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Industrial air compressors

ABAC industrial air compressors

Industrial applications place high demands on air compressors. Industrial air compressors need to be able to meet customer demands for air quality, highly variable air demand, potential long hours run and the critical nature of the air supply. To best meet these variable demands it is usually best to have a number of compressors that can be turned on or off as air demand increases / reduces, this also provides backup so should a single compressor fail the complete system doesn’t shut down.

Multiple air compressors provide a flexible solution

The optimum solution, to minimise energy usage, will be to have a number of fixed speed air compressors, to provide a base supply, with a variable speed unit which will run as required to match demand. All of these compressors will be controlled to optimise supply and minimise energy costs. Depending on the air quality requirements it is usually best to have a base load refrigerated dryer and specific point of use desiccant dryers where they are needed.

ABAC offer a wide product range

The ABAC product range is your one stop supplier that is able to meet all of these product requirements, whether it is for the fixed or variable speed compressors or dryers, along with all the ancillary filters and receivers. Through careful specification at the design stage a highly efficient, reliable compressed air system can be developed with all the components being integrated and communicating automatically with each other.

Screw Compressors

ABAC offer 3 series of screw compressors ranging in size from 2.2KW upto 30KW. The compressors are available in a range of configurations including:
  • Floor mounted
  • Receiver mounted
  • With or without integral dryer
  • Fixed or variable speed
All ABAC screw air compressors are belt driven. They are available in pressures ranging from 8 bar through to 13 bar. All come with two year warranty, extendable to 5 years for a small additional payment.

Piston Compressors

ABAC have one of the most comprehensive ranges of industrial piston air compressors available from any manufacturer. Ranging in size from 1KW to 7KW ABAC piston air compressors are available in a wide range of configurations and designs. For any power rating the basic ‘pump’ is common across all the configurations. Available piston air compressor configurations:
  • Lubricated or oil free
  • Wheel or foot mounted
  • Silenced (where the compressor is mounted within a noise deadening canopy)
  • Receiver mounted or baseplate
  • 240v single phase or 400v 3 phase or 120v
  • Vertical or horizontal receiver units

Key product features

  • Industry places high demands on air compressors - high air quality, long running hours, variable demand
  • High quality, lubricated screw compressors are ideal for most industrial applications
  • High efficiency, variable speed screw compressors save upto 30% of power usage
  • Integral packages including receiver and dryer are available to minimise footprint
  • A wide range of matched auxiliary items (filters, dryers) also available