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Food and pharmaceutical air compressors

Food and pharmaceutical air compressors

Food and Pharmaceutical air compressors need to be of the highest quality to meet the stringent air quality demands required to meet the latest industry standards. Food and Pharma applications place high demands on air compressors with typically very tight limits on air quality and oil carry over. There are a number of approaches taken by the industry to meet these requirements. Depending on what the air is used for, whether it comes into contact with products and numerous other factors the most appropriate approach will vary, but a combination of one of the following will normally meet requirements.

  • A lubricated screw compressor with food grade oil and downstream air treatment - the lowest cost solution which is acceptable if the compressed air doesn't come into contact with product.
  • A lubricated screw compressor with food grade oil and downstream air treatment which includes an oil removal system - The down stream treatment of the air includes oil removal and monitoring systems that guarantee no oil is passed down the compressed air line
  • An oil free screw compressor - which can be completely oil free or water lubricated, this is the best but most expensive approach, in that it guarantees oil free air.
The ABAC and ALUP product ranges are able to meet all the requirements for food and pharmaceutical air compressors. ABAC offer totally oil free scroll compressors upto 22KW, ALUP offer oil free units above this size. Clearly all these units are available as fixed or variable speed units. ABAC also offer dryers and all the ancillary filters and receivers that you are likely to need.

Screw Compressors

ABAC offer 3 series of screw compressors ranging in size from 2.2KW upto 30KW. The compressors are available in a range of configurations including:
  • Floor mounted
  • Receiver mounted
  • With or without integral dryer
  • Fixed or variable speed
All ABAC screw air compressors are belt driven. They are available in pressures ranging from 8 bar through to 13 bar. All come with two year warranty, extendable to 5 years for a small additional payment.

Key product features

  • Industry places high demands on air compressors - high air quality, long running hours, variable demand
  • High quality, lubricated screw compressors are ideal for most industrial applications
  • High efficiency, variable speed screw compressors save upto 30% of power usage
  • Integral packages including receiver and dryer are available to minimise footprint
  • A wide range of matched auxiliary items (filters, dryers) also available