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Automotive air compressors

Automotive air compressors

The automotive industry places high demands and has high expectations for any compressed air system. With a tailored range to suit small workshops through to leading body shops and dealer service centres, the ABAC range of automotive air compressors are perfect for automotive applications regardless of how demanding the usage and air quality requirements. These compressors are ideal for spray painting, general workshop air tools and a multitude of other automotive uses.

Genesis Workstation

The complete compressed air workstation. A receiver mounted rotary screw compressor benefiting from an in built dryer and filtration package. The GENESIS offers a unique approach to the market with a range covering 5.5 – 22kW including two variable speed models. With a proven track record the GENESIS is suitable for a vast range of compressed air requirements.

SPINN – Rotary Screw Compressor

The SPINN rotary screw compressor is available as a basic model with no receiver or as a workstation utilising the receiver mounted design we created with the GENESIS. With a range from 5.5-11kW the SPINN offers reliability, high efficiency and low noise levels. The SPINN range come complete with automatic controls as standard and extra safety features that help to maintain low maintenance costs whilst providing you with continuous duty.

Professional belt drive piston compressors

With over 60 years experience in producing piston compressors ABAC has secured the position as world wide market leader. The ABAC range of professional belt driven air compressors have been carefully researched and designed to satisfy the varied demand for compressed air applications. The choice for professionals around the world.

Key product features

  • The ABAC range is ideal for automotive applications
  • Aluminium piston compressors for small workshops
  • Larger screw compressors for larger workshops