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Compressed air support

About our compressed air support

At Chiltern Compressors we aim to build a long term lasting relationship with our customers by offering full compressed air support. To achieve this we aim to support our customers right through the whole lifecycle of their business and compressed air system, working with them to help develop their system as their business grows and develops. The support we offer through the lifecycle of their business changes considerably.
  • Understanding the customers requirements and likely future developments for their compressed air system
  • Development of  the correct air compressor, dryer and filtration specification
  • Design of the most appropriate compressed air pipework system and fittings
  • Supply and installation of the air compressor equipment and pipework system
  • Ongoing maintenance and servicing of the compressors and equipment
  • Ongoing repairs and modifications to the pipework system
  • Air leak monitoring
  • Compressed air system modifications as compressed air demand changes
  Our aim is to to be there offering the right support when they need it.
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