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Compressed air pipework

Compressed air pipework

Chiltern compressors offer a range of different compressed air pipework systems. Each system we offer has its own benefits. It takes a good understanding of what the customer requires to identify which is the most appropriate system in any one situation.

Teseo high efficiency aluminium pipework system

Teseo is a modern, high efficiency, leak free aluminium pipework system that is suitable for almost any installation.
  • Aluminium extruded system, smooth bore, high efficiency
  • Dual 'O' ring, leak free system
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Mechanical fixings (ie not push fit)
  • Easy to modify the installation at a future date

Galvanised steel compressed air pipework

Galvanised steel is the original and traditional pipework used in many installations. The galvanised system materials are low cost but installation and future modifications can be time consuming.    

Key product features

  • We offer a number of different pipework systems so can meet your needs
  • TESEO high efficiency aluminium pipework system
  • Traditional Galvanised steel pipework system
  • AirNet ABAC push fit aluminium pipework system