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Official distributors for ABAC and ALUP air Compressors

Chiltern Compressors has over 30 years experience in the compressed air industry, working in partnership with our customers to provide them with compressed air solutions.

We supply a wide range of the best compressed air products on the market, backed up by technical excellence in the selection, installation and service of compressors and ancillary equipment. We do this with a friendly, professional attitude with the specific aim of being a long term partner with our customers. Our aim is to provide our customers with the lowest cost, most reliable long term compressed air solution. The key here is lowest cost, over the long term so we take into account power usage and servicing costs as well as initial capital outlay.

As an authorised Distributor for ABAC Compressors, we have the support of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air compressors, air tools and air compressor accessories. Our product range represents the most comprehensive portfolio of compressed air equipment offered for hundreds of applications in the industrial, Automotive, manufacturing and general workshop industries.

ABAC Genesis screw air compressors | Air Compressors | Chiltern Compressors

Compressed air system design and installations

A big part of our work is design and installation of compressed air systems and pipework. We design and install factory piping systems ranging from additional drops of outlets right through to complete factory systems. Our in-house expertise enables us to assist in the selection of the right pneumatic equipment for you and that includes the specification, design and build of pneumatic and electro- pneumatic automation and control systems.

We are committed to the supply of energy saving equipment. Site surveys and data logging of compressors are offered to all our existing and potential customers. In addition we can offer a wide range of finance options.
Our company is conveniently located in Flitwick to offer locally based expertise and service throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

We are fully equipped to scope out your compressed air system, based on analysis of compressed air usage and downstream requirements. We can help you size your new compressor and based on your requirements find the best model for your application, be it fixed or variable speed, lubricated or oil free, or even for medical dental or laboratory use.

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Compressed air pipework and installations

We have partnered with ABAC and ALUP compressors for over 15 years, giving us in depth expertise with these compressors. Over the years we have installed many hundreds of these units in a wide range of different applications. So whatever you are looking for we have the expertise and knowledge to help.

Our commitment to quality service has given us exceptional growth. We have become a major supplier of air compressors and ancillary equipment to a wide variety of industries including automotive, pharmaceutical, food processing and power generation.

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