Industrial Compressors

Industrial Compressors from Chiltern Compressors

Chiltern compressors offer industrial compressors from our ABAC range and from our ALUP range for industrial applications. In todays competitive industry companies are looking for high efficiency, reliable, high quality compressors at an affordable price. With our comprehensive products lines from both ABAC and ALUP we believe we can offer products that meet and exceed all of these requirements

Variable Speed Screw CompressorsIndustrial Compressors from Chiltern Compressors

Variable speed screw compressors offer significant energy savings against the traditional fixed speed industrial compressors

ALUP Allegro

The ALUP ALLEGRO range, from ALUP compressors, are variable speed rotary screw air compressors offer energy savings up to 35% through state of the art technology. The variable speed control allows us to match your compressed air demands to the compressors output, ensuring only the compressed air you require is produced. Together with a constant network pressure (from 5-13 bar) and the elimination of high starting current this ensures the ALLEGRO will help reduce your compressed air running costs.

Oil Free Screw Compressors

Increasingly Oil free air is important in many industries, especially in pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries where industrial compressors are vital to production efficiency and product quality

ALUP Lento

The oil free ALUP LENTO range, from ALUP compressors, offers clean compressed air that is economically produced giving 100% oil free compressed air  (class zero certification). With maximum flexibility through variable speed, fixed speed & water cooled options we can offer enormous energy-saving potential. Using the water lubricated technology we have developed the LENTO to become the simplest and most compact way of producing oil free compressed air.

Fixed Speed Screw Compressors

For customers looking for high efficiency screw compressors at an affordable price. Industrial compressors in this sector are available in fixed speed belt driven or direct drive configurations

ABAC Genesis WorkstationIndustrial compressors by Chiltern Compressors

The complete compressed air workstation. A Receiver mounted rotary screw compressor benefiting from an in built dryer and filtration package. The GENESIS offers a unique approach to the market with a range covering 5.5 – 22kW including two variable speed models. With a proven track record the GENESIS is suitable for a vast range of compressed air requirements.

ALUP Largo

The ALUP LARGO range, from ALUP compressors, utilizes direct drive technology on a fixed speed operating system allowing constant efficiency. A unique package designed for large demands of compressed air that is powerful, robust and suitable for use in the harshest operating conditions. The Largo range also ensures low noise levels due to the extensive research and development.