Energy Efficiency

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ENERGY awareness is a major factor in everyday living. With rising energy costs and the need to reduce carbon emissions as a manufacture ABAC & ALUP have introduced a range of machines to maximize the energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. With 10-12% of all power generated in the UK used for the production of Compressed Air there are tremendous saving potentials. Typically up to 20% of a factory energy consumption is attributed to the operation of the compressed air system.

With a range of Fixed LARGO & SCK and variable speed machines ALLEGRO from 7.5 – 260kW we can ensure your operating in the most energy conscious way, in addition Lento OIL FREE with Variable Speed to 55 kW


Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Audit 

To make your compressed air installation more energy efficient we need to study how it is running. With the iiTrak energy audit equipment we monitor and record your compressors behaviour. Using the modern data card recording technology there are no limits for recording multiple machines in different areas of your premises. A full energy report is generated highlighting how much compressed air is being used and more importantly how much this compressed air is costing you. In receipt of the Energy Audit report we can simulate the best compressor(s) for your application, maximizing your potential savings.


Leak detection

A very effective way to reduce your energy costs and improve your energy efficiency is to simply reduce the number of air leaks in your compressed air system. Leaks are normally found in pipework, joints, nozzles or anywhere where there is high air usage. We have very sensitive air detection systems that can identify leaks in your compressed air systems. Often we find upto 30% of the compressed air you produce is lost through leaks. We will complete a detailed study of your site and produce a detailed report of what the leaks are and potential savings. Our air leak reports start from £500.