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As an authorised Distributor for ABAC Compressors, we have the support of one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air compressors, air tools and air compressor accessories. Our product range represents the most comprehensive portfolio of compressed air equipment offered for hundreds of applications in the Industrial, Automotive, DIY and Professional industries.

Industrial Air Compressors 

The extensive range of ABAC Compressors includes a wide range of industrial air compressors.  This includes variable and fixed speed rotary screw compressors, air filters, dryers, air treatment, high pressure air compressors and a wide selection of industrial air tools.

Professional Equipment ABAC Compressors Genesis 15-22

Air compressor sales for special applications. Dental air compressors and other oil free compressors for surgeries and laboratories. Super silent air compressors available where low noise levels are important. Scuba diving compressors are part of a range of high pressure equipment suitable for other applications including paint balling.

Automotive Equipment

We are able to offer an extensive range of automotive air tools for use with ABAC compressors. Our product range suitable for the automotive industry include Genesis screw compressors, SPINN screw compressors, Formula screw compressors, Piston air compressors, Petrol and diesel air compressors and Silent piston compressors.

Contact us today to enquire about our services and range of ABAC compressors and air tools. We are ready to offer advice and a free consultation to assess the current and future requirements of your company.